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Les amis du Château de Mussel 
Château de Mussel is a historic site that has provided refuge for people for hundreds of years. Now Mussel brings together people from diverse backgrounds to provide meaningful experiences in the arts, food and culture.

One of Mussel's former residents is now an actor, director and acting teacher.
He has adopted the name "Mussel." 

The association "Les amis du Château de Mussel" is sponsoring his new film and reaching out to its network to fill the current funding gap. 

A private screening of the film is planned in the newly renovated "Westwing" of the Château de Mussel in the presence of the film team.
To get to know the artists in a 360-degree perspective, a dinner is also planned.
Here, the individual life stories of the artists present will be brought into the light and the film experienced in a broader context.
Method acting principles will be highlighted in the film, the evening promises to be exciting and could be another promising corner stone in the foundation of “Les Amis du Château de Mussel”.

About this project : 

What are the funds for ?

The funds are desperately needed to secure the movie's cutting, editing and marketing. This, besides buying food to keep the team in good spirits may enable the movie to successfully enter some of the prestigious film festivals to find a wider audience.
Xavier Belony Mussel’s «Le Namessime»

Xavier was raised in the Château de Mussel and has devoted much of his life to film making and method acting.

A new film - after the long period of Covid-19 stand-still- is in the making and needs our financial support:
Xavier Bélony Mussel.jpeg

Xavier Bélony Mussel 


Le Namessime

Xavie, a film professor and director, arrives at a country house to shoot a film. An idealist filmmaker, Xavie wishes to make an inspired film, as free and unexpected as life itself. No script, just a support: the daily life of an old couple embodied by two actors, Gerard and Geena, two former stars forgotten by the public who have agreed to shoot for free.
On the first day, although perplexed, everyone willingly embarked on the process. 
As the days go by, the succession of coincidences, providential or not, shakes the troupe.
From enthusiasm to perplexity to the premises of transgression, there is only one step that some members of the team will not be slow to cross. The situation reaches its climax when Augustin, the owner of the house like a film producer, arrives to attend the second last day of shooting. 

During this incredible day, the filming almost collapses several times, especially when the camera goes out and starts to smoke. 
Totally drunk on the occasion of the party organized by the "producer", Rémi, the assistant takes his buddy Léo to the cellar to show him the silver rushes that are kept there. By delivering the films to the light, they involuntarily erase the film. Xavie arrives in turn, also drunk. Convinced that the film will never reach his ideal work, he burns the film and the rest of the rolls of film.

The next day, after the departure of the "producer", Xavie shoots all day in a crazy rush of energy without any film in the camera.At the end when noticing the making-of camera, the team suddenly realizes that this providential making-of film is perhaps themovie they where looking to make.
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