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Trail de France Etape 1

Cancelled by the organisers

1st Trail de France 

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Cancelled by the organisers

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Summer 2022
Start Stage 1: Château de Mussel
1er Trail de France: 380 km, 6 stages, 6 days
Concept of the 1st Trail de France: 

“Le Trail de France” is the most incredible Trail-Run in France. 380 km and 14000m of positive altitude in 6 stages over 6 days. An extraordinary adventure that can be experienced in full solo, in teams of 3 or 4 to take turns, or by the day for a stage. Like the Tour de France, each stage will take place in different departments, varying landscapes and distinct regions to give you a change of scenery each day and discover France as you have never seen it before. A unique and exceptional experience that you should live, an everlasting memory.
Start of the 1st Trail de France: Château de Mussel

We decided to make the big start of the 1st Trail de France in Valserhone, and one of the most beautiful places is undoubtedly the Château de Mussel. On the heights of Valserhone, it is directly on the path of the GR that the runners will use during the 1st stage. The setting is ideal for a great start. 
First stage: GTJ - Grand Traversée du Jura 

The first stage follows the GTJ marks (Grande Traversée du Jura) in the Ain mountains along the ridges and valleys, with breathtaking views. The Grand Colombier will be the highest point, before descending to Culoz at the end of this first stage.
Maud Debs & Frédéric Morand 
Organizers Le Trail de France 
Founders Trail The World
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