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My Way of Life

Life is too short to have bad experiences.
That is why we want to make real encounters.
Getting to know other people’s life and artistic expression.
This does not need to be complicated. Let’s just do it !
Mon Art de Vivre makes it simple. So simply experience !
We bring people in the fields of Food, Art, Travel, and Design together.


Château de Mussel 

Since the 13th century, a prominent point above the Rhone at the confluence with the Valserine.
Originally built as a fortified country house to protect the people and agricultural land, it has undergone a transformation in our time.
Today, the house serves as a stage for the arts and artists of all stripes, bringing together interested, open-minded people.

Life is short,
so let's enjoy a part of it together.
ancien Château de  Mussel.jpg
Château de Mussel

Châtelaine & Servant 

Since 2004, we have added another chapter to the chequered history of Château de Mussel and have carefully renovated the castle for a new use and today's needs.

Our three daughters spent a happy childhood here, surrounded by nature, cats, chickens and many adventures.

Since 2006, this house and its many possibilities have been used for exhibitions, concerts, theatre.With more than 45 events, both indoors and outdoors, from theatre to concerts, from wine tasting to cooking seminars, exhibitions of paintings, sculptures or a literary evening. 

We plan, organise what appeals to us and astonishes our audience.We would like to share this unique place with you.


Doris & Andreas
Mon art de vivre Andreas Doris
mon art de vivre Andreas doris
accueil de doris et andreas dans le salon du chateau de mussel
sculpture de Nicolas Lavarenne au château de mussel .jpg
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