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“If you see it … you fall in love with it”
Our escapades are located in the region of Veneto. 

Murano, the largest and best known of the islands of the Venetian lagoon.

In 1291, following several fires in Venice, the glassmakers were moved to Murano, which thus became the world center of glassmaking. Murano glassware is still very famous today.
Church Santi Maria E San Donato: this church is one of the first founded in the lagoon, in the 7th century. In the twelfth century, the arrival of the body of Saint Donat was the occasion to rebuild the church in the Veneto-Byzantine style, a building that we can still admire today despite remodeling carried out over time. The apse, located on the canal side, is particularly remarkable with its double gallery with arcades decorated with floral and animal motifs.

The charm of Trevise and his prosecco route

The motto of the province of Trevise is “If you see it … you fall in love with it”. Trevise or Treviso is one of the most charming and less visited cities in Veneto. The historic center of Treviso is small and charming and reminds us of the links of the city with the Republic of Venice: Piazza dei Signori, Piazza Duomo, the Civic Museum of Santa Caterina, unique exhibitions organized in the House Carraresi, the monumental temple of San Nicolò.
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