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Spirit of 
Mon Art de Vivre

Who are we?

Our vocation is to reveal artists, gastronomic favorites, landscapes through unique services and exceptional encounters, full of authenticity and charm.

découverte gastronomie mon art de vivre geneve

We take you
to MEET ARTISTS during our events which take place in the heart of our castle.

We accompany you
to our SECRET ADDRESSES, visit of places of creation, tasting with a chef...

We offer you
EXCLUSIVE EXPERIENCES, which you can share with friends, family or business encounters.

We can be 
YOUR PERSONAL ASSISTANT developing your idea into a breathtaking event or you may decide to take an idea featured here. 

You are an organization,
a company, a club
and you are planning
a team outing for :

Team Building
Focus groups
Monk retreat
Special event

Mon art de vivre, château de mussel
Team Outing for an organization, a company or a club : 

Do not hesitate to contact us for an initial discussion about your needs.

We will provide you with a customized experience that fits your budget and your specific needs.
Our service offers you the possibility to choose from different options and rely on quality service providers that you can trust and have as direct contractors.  
Let us be there for you.
An experience for yourself, your friends or your family :

We will be your "personal assistant" offering you a selection of options to choose from.

Our network will open doors for you, the itinerary will be optimized to your needs. We will help you find the best service providers (flights, hotels, etc.) so you can feel secure at competitive prices.

Mon Art de Vivre charges a service fee based on the amount of service requested.

Just tell us your ideas.
Malgorzata Chodakowska_

Are you an individual looking for an experience for yourself, your friends or your family ?


  •  If one of our suggestions appeals to you

  • If you are looking for an excursion off the beaten track

  • You love art and have always wanted to experience the creation of art in the studios of artists


 Just tell us your ideas.

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