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Polo Picart, Photograph

02.09.2022 - 30.09.2022 Château de Mussel

Polo Picart, a Swiss photographer, of Argentinean origin, established in Geneva for more than 30 years, is specialized in dance and nude photography.

His passion for dance photography is the result of a multidisciplinary artistic training. In addition to his activity as a photographer, he has worked in Switzerland as a musician and dancer. He studied music, folkloric dances and tango in Argentina, his country of origin, but also in Cuba and New York.

Eroticism in mythology

His photographs highlight the beauty and complexity of the human being, the expression of a feeling and all the richness that a personality can transmit.

This new project has its origins in a personal research around the representations charged with mystery and eroticism that populate the imaginary world of Polo Picart.

Femininity, vital force and sexual energy, resurrection and regeneration, life and death, so many mysteries on which Man has always tried to put a face or to associate them with elements of nature.

Majestic and powerful animals, but also imaginary creatures, have been the representation of his beliefs. The impulses, the desire, the magnetism and the attraction of the goddesses, this fascination by the impenetrable world of the awareness, were the source of innumerable myths and legends since the antiquity.


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