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Upcoming Events 2022


All events are organized with

the association Les Amis du Château de Mussel.

They are free thanks to donations and partnerships. Other events will be scheduled for 2022. We can privatize moments, days with the artists.

Jacob Eicher Painting is essential for me

Opening : 24.06.2022

Finishing : 03.07.2022

Jakob Eicher was born in Kelheim an der Donau in 1955 Since 1970, alongside his studies and work as a logistician, painting has been his companion. Watercolor, drawings, etchings, acrylic painting, room installations Participation in numerous courses and workshops in different institutions.

Valserine series (2016 to 2018) The river Valserine has its source in the French Jura and flows into the Rhone in Bellegarde-sur-Valserine. Numerous motifs were processed in drawings and acrylic paintings.Depending on the position of the viewer, different structures evoke new impressions - are reflections of a macro view


Laetitia Ricci Photograph Opening : 12.08.2022

Finishing : 21.08.2022

"The scars of life" Symbols for a hymn to resilience and a tribute to a woman, her mother.

For her first exhibition in France, Laetitia Ricci presents her new artistic work "The scars of life". Intense black and white images that demonstrate to us with power and determination the importance of inner strength and how supporting it can overcome those wounds that everyone carries without them being visible. On some of the works on display, Laetitia used the philosophy of Japanese kintsugi art, using torn photo elements. Symbols for a hymn to resilience. Laetitia Ricci was born in 1975 in Annecy and grew up in Bellegarde-sur-Valserine. She has lived and worked in Milan since 2003.




Trio Mosaïque Brazilian Music Jorge Nascimento, guitare

Vincent Daoud, saxophone

Marcia Dipold, piano

Program :

5.30 p.m. Welcome drink

6:15 p.m. 7:00 p.m. Concert

7:00 p.m. 9:00 p.m. Discussions, getting to know each other

accompanied by a summer buffet

Presentation and sale of Trio Mosaïque cds

9:00 p.m. - 9:45 p.m. Concert

These are private events accessible only with pre-registration.


Polo Picart


Opening : 02.09.202 at 18:00

Finishing : 30.09.2022 Polo Picart, a Swiss photographer, of Argentinean origin, established in Geneva for more than 30 years, is specialized in dance and nude photography.

His passion for dance photography is the result of a multidisciplinary artistic training. In addition to his activity as a photographer, he has worked in Switzerland as a musician and dancer. He studied music, folkloric dances and tango in Argentina, his country of origin, but also in Cuba and New York.

Eroticism in mythology

His photographs highlight the beauty and complexity of the human being, the expression of a feeling and all the richness that a personality can transmit.

This new project has its origins in a personal research around the representations charged with mystery and eroticism that populate the imaginary world of Polo Picart.

Femininity, vital force and sexual energy, resurrection and regeneration, life and death, so many mysteries on which Man has always tried to put a face or to associate them with elements of nature.

Majestic and powerful animals, but also imaginary creatures, have been the representation of his beliefs. The impulses, the desire, the magnetism and the attraction of the goddesses, this fascination by the impenetrable world of the awareness, were the source of innumerable myths and legends since the antiquity.

Getting to know other people’s life and artistic expression.


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