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Les amis du Château de Mussel

French non-profit association governed by the law of 1901.

Les amis du Château de Mussel is an association whose objective is to promote and develop the protection of cultural and historical heritage as well as the subjects and activities to which it is linked both in France and abroad. Planning, organization and realization of artistic, cultural and gastronomic events at le château de Mussel.  

The events taking place at the Château are organized jointly by the association of friends of the Château and the company Mon Art de Vivre.
Upcoming events are announced at and/or by invitation. 

The founders of the association are Doris Henrici, President and Andreas Fries, Treasurer. The registered office of the association is fixed at: 129 route d'Ochiaz 01200 Bellegarde sur Valserine France 

The financial functioning of the association depends on donations, support from private companies and institutions. 
The donations allow the operation and development of all the activities of the association, the latter are deductible from taxes in France. 


Some dates: 

  • Creation association "Les Amis du Château" 
New collaboration with "Mon Art de Vivre" for the promotion and organisation.
Creation and Opening of an Art Gallery in the heart of Château de Mussel.
27.08 - 10.09.2021
Polly Habuzin from Cologne, Germany, is exhibiting for the first time in a solo show in France. This exhibition  in the newly designed "WestWing" is also a premiere for Château de Mussel. 
Concert and Gastronomy at the castle - Linda Leine & Pia Davila

of the Film "Le Namessime" by Xavier Bélony Mussel, French director and actor at le Château de Mussel. 
with TRAIL DE FRANCE 2022, 
Château de Mussel, historical heritage and starting point of the first stage.
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